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         For all your Auto Electrical and Mechanical needs.

We have now merged with Telford Turbos at there new premises,

You can find the address on the contact page.​

Track Worldwide*

Our units work in *most countries around the world without incurring roaming charges. Using the latest technologies we can deliver cutting edge tracking via our unique control panel.

Mobile Application-Track and control from your mobile device, Live GPS tracking.

With all our trackers you receive our free mobile tracking application. You can track from your iPhone, iPad, blackberry and any other internee cable device.

Great battery life

Our devices contain rechargeable Lithium batteries allowing you between 5 days and 2 months between charges. The endurance of the tracker battery depends on which interval you set your device to send its location date. Most models have the new battery save mode which allows the trackers battery to last from 2 months to 18 months depending on the device and setting.

Battery strength is displayed on the control panel, and low battery 20-30% warning is sent via SMS to your nominated number.

Panic Alarm Button

Several units have a panic button, this is discreetly located on the device, once pressed our security mode is then activated.

The tracking unit will immediately inform both the tracking panel and any mobile phones that you have nominated to receive notifications from the device your location address, and map view via SMS. The control panel will also give an audible and visual alert to show the devices exact location.

Motion Alert - A great feature for protecting assets that should not be moved.

Our devices have motion sensors. you can 'Arm' your device via the control panel. This will alert you via SMS message and an Audio Visual warning on the control panel when the device is moving.


Controlling your device could not be easier, using our web based control panel its easy to check date, time, addresses, mileage, speed, start stop times and the history for up to a year.

Control Panel allows you to

Change the frequency intervals of when you want to locate your device.

Set a 360 degree virtual perimeter 'Safety Zone' around any area. When tracker breaks this barrier either on entering, exiting or both it will send you an instant SMS to your mobile device.

Watch your trackers movements live. History data can be downloaded.

Vehicle tracker Questions you may ask

Why should I bother with Vehicle tracking?

In this modern era it is crucial in the sector of transport and fleet management to employ a method of pinpointing at anytime the location of the key instruments of your business. Without the ability to analyse today, it is impossible to predict tomorrow.

Do you offer a system fitting service?

Yes. We arrange fitting of all units. There is a one of cost of £240. There is then a small monthly subscription.

How long does the fitting take, and will our vehicles need be off the road for some time?

Fitting takes just two hours so you won't need to have your vehicles off the road for a lengthy period of time.

Do I need to buy any special software?

No. The software is completely web based. You may need a free program called ‘Microsoft Silverlight’ installed on your PC, if this program is not already installed on your computer you will be redirected to the Microsoft site to install this onto your computer, just follow the instructions, (this will take 2-3 minutes). Once this is installed you will then have to restart your internet browser and re-log on with your device ID.

Can I set Safety Zones/Geofence Zones and receive alerts to my mobile phone, also, do I have to pay for these alerts?

Yes – you can set Safety/Geofence zones from our control panel and you will receive SMS messages when you leave and /or enter the safety zones. (you will need to set the mobile number in the Zones tab on the control panel). You can add, edit & delete Safety Zones and set as many as you require. Every message will use one of your SMS credits.

Can I view more than one Tracker on my control panel?

Yes, you can view as many devices as you like on the control panel

Can I use the software and track my unit on more than one computer?

Yes you can, there are no restrictions.

Can I track indoors?

The devices do have some restrictions in extreme conditions. This does not mean they will not give you a fresh position. Any GPS device has its limitations.If you are in a room with no windows and a solid concrete roof then the chances of obtaining a GPS signal are slim. The units have a very sensitive GPS receiver. This helps the device to obtain a fix on your position very quickly. In general you will find the performance level of the device to be very high and will give a fresh GPS position in most buildings

Does my tracker have a warranty and if there is a problem, what is the procedure?

All devices come with a 12 month warranty, Contact us at Autoclinic. If we can not fix it, we will replace it with a new device.

Do I receive a discount for bulk purchases?

Yes. Call us with details of your requirements and we will endeavour to create an attractive package for your organisation.