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         For all your Auto Electrical and Mechanical needs.

We have now merged with Telford Turbos at there new premises,

You can find the address on the contact page.​


Our Workshop is fitted out with up to date diagnostics equipment to cater for all

makes of cars, so we can diagnose faults with engine ECU, ABS, SRS, Airbags,

immobiliser, airconditioning etc etc.

No need for a trip to the dealers as we can do the same but at a more affordable rate!

We specialise in programming transponders for your car.

We can produce a transponder to start you vehicle from just simply sending us your immobilisr unit used on most cars, the one featured below is called a EWS unit used on most BMW models and Rover 75's.

Keys can also be programmed to BSI(Body Control module or body computer) depending on vehicle model.

Also the troublesome Renault keys

ie:Clio,Megane and Scenic we can supply and program new ones and sometimes fix your existing ones.

Please call with your make and model.

This is the EWS immobiliser unit found under the dash on many BMW'S and Rover 75's.

We can supply many keys for many models and program the immobiliser to the key/keyfob.

We now can supply and program new key cards for renault's and also supply your security code to program them if you dont have it as main dealer do not like giving you them.

This is the Rover remote found on many Rovers, we can supply and program a new one to your car or you can send us the immobiliser unit that is under the dashboard and when it returns it will have a programmed remote that will start your car!

Please call for the location of the unit if you need to send it to us!

These are the troublesome Renault remotes with no chips in. The circuit board breaks down and your vehicle wont start, so we can transfer the immobiliser information into a chip and insert it into the spare place in the key so it will always start!

We can also clone Fiat Keys at a fraction of the cost from main dealer.

Also if you have the old red key system we can still program keys to you fiat or Virginise your Engine ECU so your immobiliser will not be needed anymore.

Please call for details.